Friday, 5 January 2018

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Get It Together - Hole In The Head

Get It Together tore up BYAF again, here's some footage of the fun.

ENZK #11

So I did another issue of ENZK zine.
Interviews with Bratakus, Goodbye Blue Monday, Lachance, THT/Uniforms, Last Climb, Get It Together and Gay Panic Defence.

Buy the print version here:

Or if you prefer to read it digitally (or live outwith the UK and don't want to pay stupid postal costs) then get the PDF version here:

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Violent Pacifists

Fast, short and shoddy DIY hardcore punk out of D-Town.
You can get the self titled 39 track EP on CD or 7" in the links below. There are five different colour vinyl variants with seperate covers, 50 of each pressed:

If you want to pick up a single copy - Violent Pacifists 7"

If you want to get a copy of each, along with patches and badges - Violent Pacifists - Record Collectors Are Pretensious Assholes Bundle
Pick up the CD version here - Violent Pacifists CD

Patches and badges - Patches
 T-shirt - T-shirt

If you would rather just have it digitally then go here - Everyday Madness Everyday Records Bandcamp

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Acid Reign - Audio, Glasgow, October 2015

So when AR anounced their reboot I figured it would be some gigs in England that I'd not be able to attend, then they decided to actually tour and would play Glasgow, so a wee trip was most definitly in order, I have much love for AR as they were always brilliant live so I was a bit worried that a geriatric comeback might sully the good memories. Thankfully not, they hit the stage with a fire younger bands could only dream of and within about five seconds all thoughts of half arsed cash in reformations were swept away, this was the real deal, a fully arsed cash in reformation for sure. H was as irreverant and non stop as ever and the new guys seamlessly gelled like they were the old guys, I didn't once think this would have been better with Kev or owt. Watching them belt out the likes of Godess, Motherly Love and Humanoia was trult heart warming but it wasn't all teary eyed nostalgia, new song Plan Of The Damned fucking ripped it up so looking forward to more new stuff.
I lost my stagediving virginity to AR in '89 and it seemed fitting to do my first for many a year to them again during Motherly Love, fucking great fun (although slightly creaky in the knees).
Hope to see these guys again soon always the best fun.