Saturday, 9 May 2009

Goober Patrol - a shoddy live extravaganza

More live tapes here, this time three, yes three!, gigs from Norwich's best melodic punk purveyors Goober Patrol. Hang on Vanilla Pod are from somewhere in Norfolk an all, wait a second. OK VP are from Kings Lynn, so yeah, Norwich's best melodic yadda yadda yadda...
So I put the Goobers on in Scotland a few times, first off in April 1994, Edinburgh on the 3rd, Dundee on the 4th and Aberdeen on the 5th. You get the Dundee and Aberdeen gigs here, no idea what happened to the Edinburgh one, would have been a good tape as they played most of the set twice after a skinhead came in just as they finished and demanded they play it all again.

The Dundee gig was in the much missed Chevys, this was the last gig there as it lost it's music licence shortly afterwards. The cops actually came and stopped the gig, in a rather polite way, waiting by the side of the stage for the band to finish the song they were playing, this was no Black Flag gig but apparently it was too loud for some of the residents. Stupid residents that had moved to a bunch of buildings that included 2 nightclubs, 5 pubs and a couple of late night takeaways, it was a main hub for late night noise and revelry in the city, what were they thinking? Didn't it cross there mind that there may be noise issues in that area? Or were the Goobers really so much louder than Motorhead? Who knows? Who cares? The photos here are from the Chevys gig apart from the ones at the beach, which were taken at Tentsmure where we took the band to see the seals and have a picnic, they went swimming and got sunburnt.
The Aberdeen gig was at Cafe Drummonds, the PA wasn't as good so the sound distorts a bit but was a fun show anyway, first heard Hey Jealousy by The Gin Blossoms in the van on the way back down to Dundee and kept getting it replayed over and over. They gave me the tape before leaving for home the next day.
We gave them easter eggs and they gave us the term shoddy to use.

The last one is them playing in their hometown at the Arts Centre, i'd travelled down on the train getting wasted on schnapps. It was someone's birthday, possibly one of the Ippo lot as I spent a good portion of the other band's sets drinking with the guys from Lovejunk and Elmerhassel and singing happy birthday, it's a bit of a blur really. I'm also not sure if it was 94 or 95. Yes I was that drunk I had no idea what year it was...

Monday, 4 May 2009

Radiohead - live at the Subway, Edinburgh - 26th February 1993

This was one of the tapes found in the loft, recorded on my walkman at the gig so there's not much in the way of production but it's still pretty good and documents the band just before they broke really big.
The gig was rather good, on the guestlist thanks to my wife meeting them in London, small club and a lot of folk there and they played Creep twice. The first album Pablo Honey had just come out about three or four days before the gig I think. We met up with Thome the next day and went for a drink or two at the Theatre Royal, nice guy.

So here's the mp3 of the entire set, haven't worked out the set list though...

Radiohead - live at the Subway, Edinburgh 26 Feb 1993