Saturday, 23 October 2010

Slaving For The Great Dictator

This compilation tape came out in '89 when the Tories were well into putting the boot into the working class, the welfare system and the public sector. Aren't we all glad times have changed...
This was an anti poll tax benefit put out by Darren of Myopic Dwarf fanzine in Bristol and along with the tape there was an A5 booklet with more info about the bands and the cause. I presume that bit is in a box in the loft with all my old fanzines.
At the time I was fairly narrow minded in the music I was listening to, so I found some of this quite eclectic but thoroughly enjoyed it apart from the Prostitutes track which is pretty bad. There's straight up punk from the likes of 4Q, Shock Treatment and Oi Polloi, some Big Black inspired stuff from Slowjam and Playground, goth punk from Every New Dead Ghost, Joy Division worship from the synth driven Dance Naked and Venus Fly Trap and the jangly ska punk of Culture Shock (which kinda blew my mind as I loved the Subhumans... but i totally got into CS off the back of this comp too) so there's no getting bored of a certain sound.

Enjoy: Slaving For The Great Dictator