Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dunderfunk - Brick Cat E.P.

From 1989 through to '95 The Venue on Carlton Road in Edinburgh, a darkened hole of a club with strange slime on the walls down the stairs to the unintentionally unisex toilets, a place that perpetually smelt of stale beer, nicotine, sweat, and unwashed hair was my destination every Sunday. Sunday night was the Moshpit which generally meant thrash or death metal bands would be playing host to our lemming like tendencies as we threw ourselves into oblivion, swung round The Pillar or hung from the ceiling like the headbanging little monkeys we were.Link
It was here in around 1990 that an Edinburgh thrash band upon hearing the slap of a bass guitar metamorphosed into best funkthrashparty band ever. Dunderfunk. Sunday nights at the Moshpit were never the same. Well they were, but we just danced worse than before and got covered in donuts and silly string and foam and used surfboards indoors, wore our hair in bunches and did kazoo solos, but apart from that...
Anyway, I was going to post the two demo tapes and the live set as the Australian Dunderfunk, oh yeah, that was another thing, didgeridoos, they did that too, but I'm going to have to redo the tapes as lost the files, so in the meantime here is their one and only vinyl release The Brick Cat E.P.
Dunderfunk -The Brick Cat E.P.

Ah yes, I remember them well, those schizophrenic party days...