Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sabbat - Blood For The Blood God flexi

Yeah, I was a major Warhammer geek when i was younger, played it from when it first came out around 83/84 and I was getting right into thrash metal from around 85-86 as well. I bought White Dwarf every month so when this issue arrived in 1987 it melded two of my favourite things in one package so I was well chuffed.
It's just a one song flexi but what a track it is! A paean to one of the gods of chaos of the warhammer mythos and Blood For The Blood God truely embodies chaos, nearly seven minutes of psychotic twisting schizoid thrash metal topped with vocals that growl and scream like demented beasts. It's fucking great and I still love it to this day.

Sabbat - Blood For The Blood God flexi

Monday, 24 May 2010

Incest Brothers - Ugly But Proud demo (again!)

Found old mp3 back up files on some DVDs from 2007 so haven't lost all my stuff as previously thought so here we have the Incest Brothers demo again. Changed the file title so the hosting service doesn't think its dodgy porn this time and ban it again, so here you go:

Incest Brothers - Ugly But Proud demo

if anyone knows the track titles please let me know cheers.