Monday, 28 June 2010

Circle Again - XXX demo tape

Came across this lonely photo of Circle Again in my files and it triggered a memory of seeing them in Drouthies in Dundee with Engage in about '99 -'00 (where I took the photo...) and that I really enjoyed them. Also Engage were down to a 3 peice at that show with Zoff doing guitar and vocals for the set but he egged Tadhg the vocalist into singing for their cover of Filler.

I liked them so much I bought the demo, which is here for your enjoyment. I never heard from them again so don't know if they released anything else or if they went on to be in other bands or anything. The only thing I did know was they were a straight edge band and that two of them were from Northern Ireland and two from Scotland. I think the drummer might have played in Engage and also Ensign as well at one point or that might have been someone else entirely...

Circle Again - XXX tape

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Final Joey Terrifying gig in Dundee - 18th June 2010

Joey Terrifying are calling it quits so this was the last time they were going to play in Dundee and it was a pretty good way to go...

First on were Sheilds Up from Edinburgh. Fast hardcore with chuggy bits in the vein of Champion and the like. Pretty good stuff.

Next on were Broken Few from someplace in England, melodic kinda No Idea type of thing.

Third on the bill was Sunset Squad who I haven't seen for ages, seemed less techy than before and more chunky grooves ridden in their hardcore mix.

And lastly Joey Terrifying, high energy punk/hardcore/ska partying music, lots of energy and banter, great to see lots of folk dancing and enjoying themselves. Just such a pity that this was the end...

Friday, 4 June 2010

Identity - Where's Everybody 7" EP

This purchase was a happy accident for me back in about 89 or 90. I loved the UK pop punk band Identity (who later became Funbug) and whilst browsing the latest distro list from Full Circle (UK distro ran by Andy from the Instigators) I saw this listed. Now the Full Circle distro list was a wee A5 booklet with thousands of records in it, no illustrations, just band name, record title, record label (in tiny text as well). There was no internet to look up info on either so you were sometimes flying blind on purchases. Anyway this was listed as being on Loony Tunes records which was a UK label and I knew of no other band called Identity, so ordered this on the presumption that it was Redditch's Descendents obsessed finest. A couple weeks later my package arrived back from Andy with this record in with a bunch of other 7"s and I was a tad dissapointed to find this wasn't the Identity I knew but some Swedes that went by the same moniker so listened to the other stuff I bought first and think it was a couple of weeks later that I decided that I may as well give this a spin. Now, with them being Swedish I was expecting it to sound a certain way, you know what I mean?
So i put the first song on "Where's Everybody?" and fuck me if I didn't think this was one of the best 7"s I bought, after about 30 seconds. To me it sounded like it was a slightly more melodic Swedish Minor Threat! The next song, "Turn Around", slowed it down but continued with the DC influence coming on more Dag Nasty. The third track on the first side "Looking For An Answer" is a live one and again treads the same ground as Minor Threat if maybe a bit slower.
Flip the disc and you get 2 tracks, "You Can Feel Alright" and "The Place". The first is a more melodic affair with a measured pace and echoey guitars the last is a more frantic and noisy number and also the shortest. I loved this EP at the time and I still do, it is awesome stuff, I never found anything else by them back then but I see on Swedish Punk there was an album and another EP and a split. If anyone has any of them and can upload them it'd be much appreciated. I have the Really Fast volume 5 on mp3 but only the track names not the bands, so that's cool I can update that from SP.
Sorry I didn't photo the sleeve when i ripped the vinyl. Now its in the bloody loft and I can't find a pic of it anywhere on the net so next time I'm up there I'll try and remember to fish it out and post it on here.
Anyway here's the music for you to hear:
Identity - Where's Everybody? 7"