Saturday, 13 November 2010

Postmortem - rehearsal or demo...

This was on the other side of the Acid Reign live tape and was just labeled as Postmortem and the song titles so I'm not sure if it was a demo or a rehearsal but judging on the sound and the fact that all the songs run into each other i'm going for rehearsal. Putting it up on here as it may be of interest to some people. Postmortem were an early death metal band from Boston USA that started out as a punk band in the early eighties. I think this tape is from about '84 or '85 and you can hear quite a bit of the old punkiness to it, it's rough as fuck but that was part of the excitement of this stuff back then, it really sounded underground...

Postmortem - Rehearsal

Track list:
Just A Thought/Organised Crime/Run Amok/Armies of the Dead/Ready to Die

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Acid Reign - Live in Leicester 1988

Ok here's another live tape of Acid Reign. Recorded in Leicester at some point in 1988. I wasn't at this gig so couldn't tell you if the set did actually end abruptly with the need for a shit or if I just never got given the full set. I got this tape trading in late 88/ early 89 and the tape has survived in great quality despite living in the loft, no wobbles or owt.

Set List:
1. Magic Roundabout
2. Godess
3. Two Minded Takeover
4. Chaos
5. Insane Ecstasy
6. Bully Boy
7. Sabbath Mix

Acid Reign - Live in Leicester 1988