Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Uniforms - Demo

Usually I’m a bit late to the show with any band Deeker has been in (only caught Joey T by their 2nd or 3rd last Dundee gig for example) however I’d like to think I was in the know on Uniforms before most, seeing as they were discussing getting the band together in my car when we went to see Iron Chic in weegieland back in May. To be honest though I have to admit to being a bit sceptical that a bunch of drunken eedjits from the east coast of Scotland could do anything that would come close to the likes of Red City Radio, Iron Chic, or any other American fest band, etc. And I was right. Well by right I mean wrong but that’s an entirely predictable set up isn’t it. It all seemed to come together quite fast too. They formed, recorded a demo and went over to Gainsville and played a pre-fest gig before even playing a hometown show. The demo is only three tracks but they’re all crackers, it kicks off with Schoolboy Errors which is a great sing along anthem, well anti anthem really if you listen to the words. Really reminiscent of RCR, the vocals are really raw and gravelled and it’s liberally sprinkled with wee widdly leads. I witnessed them play it at Book Yer Ane Fest recently and it was one of the best things I heard that day, barring Colorado Joe and Not Superstitious by Leatherface. I was stood at the side of the stage just thinking wow! Yeah, that was about all my brain would articulate at the time, wished I’d bloody filmed them now. Next song up on the demo is Photographs which seems to have a slower vibe to it, but that’s a purely relative statement as it still sprints a long at a fair old whack, this is punk rock, ken? The song is all about looking backwards, the futility of regrets and living your life now, and gets all shouty and noisy by the end, great stuff. I Won’t Forget You brings up the rear, originally a Tragical History Tour (Deeker’s acoustic alter ego) song, and on first run through of the demo this one was the song that really stood out for me, starts off with a bit of stuttered guitar and laid back vocal and then picks up the pace and explodes into a huge sing along of a song. If you’re in any way into the ‘gruff’ punk thing or just like good melodic songs you should check them out. I reckon they fill the empty spot for new local heroes quite nicely.

Get it here: http://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/demo

Photos from BYAF5 in Dundee, Kage, 03/12/2011.