Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dead To Me, The Human Project, Uniforms - Kage, Dundee, 22/02/2012

OK, so I may have gone slightly overboard on the photos here but what the hell. Dead To Me played in Dundee so I went down for a skek. I'd never heard them before either, even managed to not look them up on the web beforehand as well, and I'm glad I went, they were really good. Fast tuneful and rowdy and a bit of a Clash like swagger going on to.

The Human Project were out on tour with them and this Leeds band would probably be classed as tech punk, think Propaghandi but with some classic mid 80s Maiden leads thrown in too.

Local support was from Maxwell's Dead (who I missed) and Uniforms who played a good un even with Jamie suffering a broken string near the end

Here's a vid of Uniforms too: