Friday, 25 May 2012

And the third one...

And here is The Best Punk Rock In England My Friend compilation...

The Best Punk Rock In England (well the UK to be correct...)

 I got the first of these comps after putting Goober Patrol on in '94 as they were on it and played it to me and I promptly sent off for a copy. They offer a great snapshot of the mid 90's UK pop/melodic punk scene and are all round awesome comps. Enjoy!

The Best Punk Rock In England, Son
1. China Drum -
 Cloud 9
2. Chopper -
 My New Name
3. Couch Potatoes -
 User Friendly
4. Cowboy Killers -
 Deeply Dippy
5. Doctor Bison -
 A Place For Us
6. Exit Condition -
 Throwing Sticks For The Underdogs
7. Funbug -
 (Sunshine) Ate My Brain
8. Goober Patrol -
9. Guns N' Wankers -
10. Hooton 3 Car -
 Sound Of The Day
11. Horace Goes Skiing -
12. Midway Still -
 I Want You
13. Pope -
14. Reverse -
15. Rugrat -
 Find Me A Way
16. Scarfo -
17. Shutdown -
18. Skimmer -
 All The Time In The World
19. The Strookas -
 It Makes Me
20. Travis Cut -
 Permanent Grin
21. Venus Beads -
 Within These Walls
22. Wact -
23. Wat Tyler -
 Not Superstitious
24. Your Mum -
 Live And Learn

 the best punk rock in england my son

The Best Punk Rock In England, Man
1. Snuff -
2. Toast -
 I'm A Reject
3. Gan -
4. Suffer -
 Off The Lip
5. Crocodile God -
6. Ex Cathedra -
7. Annalise -
 Everyday Killer
8. The Shreds -
 Tell Me
9. Jessie -
10. Baby Silverskins -
11. Lovejunk -
 All We Have To Do Is Stay Together
12. Gink -
 Upside Down
13. Swine Flu -
 Process Of Elimination
14. Pinto -
 Please Don't Go
15. Bradworthy -
16. Erase Today -
 Less Than Zero
17. Elmerhassel -
 Listen Up
18. Chocolate -
 Sticky Melt
19. Another Fine Mess -
 Fab 66
20. Broccoli -
21. Worm -
22. Sofahead -
 Sleeping Satellite
23. Bulltaco -
 Don't Look Back
24. Dog Piss -

the best punk rock in england man

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Panics - demo

Dundee punk rock from early 90s, influenced by Screeching Weasel, members went on to be in bands such as The Eddies, Beauty School Dropout, The Ritalins and even Screeching Weasel.
I got this taped by Andy the drummer after they broke up and he joined BSD. The Panics were one of those local bands that I just kept missing but figured I would catch at some point.
Sadly not.

the panics - demo

Monday, 21 May 2012

Inextremis - Flight of the Soul Hungry demo 1992

I got an invite to go up to Elgin in 1992 from Donny, who I met at gigs in Edinburgh and we would be on the same train going home so got chatting, he said there was a death metal gig on and I should come up. So I did. There were a few bands on but I can't remember who they all were, I think Korpse might have played and these guys Inextremis from Aberdeen definitely did as I bought or got given their demo. All i remember of the gig was that it was a lot of fun. Everyone was there for a good time and smiled a lot. And had funny accents...

So here is some northern death metal for you:
inextremis - flight of the soul hungry