Sunday, 7 July 2013

Gan - Water Powered Teenies 7"

Gan were a great UK pop punk band from the early 90s, I had their first album on SMR which was chock  filled with great tunes and hooks but unfortunately the vinyl got broken which was gutting. Dave the singer was nice enough to give me a CD copy when I did an interview with them for ENZK to replace it, I still mourn the loss of the vinyl though... He also gave me a tape of some unreleased songs that got released later as the Blink 7" too.
This 7" is four more servings of fast paced melodic punk which will get your toes a tappin' and I believe it was their last release before splitting. Members went on to One Car Pile Up, Servo and Donfischer which were all ace bands too (and will no doubt appear on here at some point).

Feast your ears: Gan - Water Powered Teenies

Identity - Some Kind Of Fun EP

In the late 80s one of my favourite zines was Cloth Ears, it used to feature the more pop punk side of things, The Sect, Senseless Things, Perfect Daze, Snuff, Mega City 4 and this bunch of ramshackle tune smiths from Redditch. Andrea of Cloth Ears was involved with Fourth Dimension records and helped get this out. I had only read about them in the zine and never heard them but they were influenced by Descendents, Hard-ons and the above mentioned bands so they seemed like something I would be into it so when Andrea told me she was putting this out I ordered ten copies, not just because I thought I might wear it out from playing it so much (although I did come close to be honest) but also to distro it as I was certain it would rock. Identity came across as laid back and shoddy couldn't care less types in the interviews and on vinyl they kept that up with fuzzy pop punk gems and speedy short bursts of energy. Each side also played at a different speed but no mention of it on the stickers on the vinyl. I totally loved them and got a tape off drummer Malc of an LP and EP they had recorded when I interviewed them for ENZK. I played that tape to death too but the album didn't get released back then and the band broke up/evolved into Funbug.

Total summery tuneage: Identity - some kind of fun EP

Kismet HC/Scherzo Split 7"

Awesome 7" of raging hardcore from these two UK bands. This is from 1990 and mixes up the UK sound of the likes of Heresy/Ripcord with early US stuff like DRI, Jerrys Kids and SSD, Scherzo also throw in a very Cro-Mags sounding intro as well.
I use to distro this and think I have a couple extra up in the loft still...