Friday, 23 July 2010

Dagobah - If Music Be The Food Of Love... demo

Nick the drummer from Dagobah sent me this demo not long after they recorded it asking me if I could review it in ENZK. Which I did. I loved it. They were from Grantham in England which I actually drove through once, on a long shortcut from Nottingham to Dundee. I still don't really know where it is though as we went all over the shop on that drive but I did think 'Hey this is where Dagobah come from' when passing the town sign 'Wonder if they know the way to Scotland?'. Dagobah ended up releasing some great 7"s on Crackle Records toured the U.S. and split up and reformed and slit up again. Twice I think.

It's a very old tape that looked a bit worse for wear, there was a bit of wobble and a lot of hiss so I've digitally remastered it (run noise removal on free software off the net) for you to help out a bit. Anyway this was an old favourite of mine by a band that came across as very ramshackle and fun, which is why I loved them. So download and enjoy seven energetic and slightly rough and ready tunes from a galaxy far far away...

Dagobah - If Music Be The Food Of Love... demo

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Acid Reign - The Venue, Edinburgh, 17th December 1989

Well this is the tape of the Acid Reign gig I mentioned in this post. It's a little bit wobbly at the start but hey, the tape is 21 years old so I think we can give it some slack, anyway it's only a few seconds and there's over 80 minutes.

Acid Reign were one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Every time I saw them, they were a bundle of energy, speed and silly banter, as were the crowd at the Venue. The tape is from their December gig in 89 but the photos are from 1990 or maybe 1991 and are really shit quality I know but it's no great surprise as they were taken with one of those 110 cartridge cameras that weren't designed for use indoors, in the dark or of moving subjects...

Set list:
1 - Reflection Of Truths
2 - All I See
3 - Godess
4 - Suspended Sentence
5 - Humanoia
6 - Bully Boy
7 - Chaos
8 - The Fear
9 - Insane Ecstasy
10 -Blind Aggresion
11 - Motherley Love
12 - Life In Forms
13 - Warriors Of Ghengis Khan
14 - For Whom The Bell Tolls
15 - Whiplash
16 - Big White Teeth

Acid Reign - live at The Venue, Edinburgh, 17th December 1989