Friday, 27 February 2009

Abandon Ship, Ben Cozine - O'Henry's Glasgow, 21/Sep/06

Weegie trip in the green machine for me, Rodi, Potter and Boab. Banter, tales of insobriety at Reading and tales of sobriety in Cyprus.
The Fight Back also played this gig but I didn't take any shots of them as I already had about 200 photos of them. I remember Mark played a lot of their set with his trousers round his ankles though.
Ben Cozine kicked it off and were pretty good, hardcore with jaggy bits and bobs.

Ben Cozine - myspace

Abandon Ship nearly didn't happen as their van packed in somewhere on the way up. They got picked up or towed or something as they eventually got to the venue and then blew the place apart. Ferociously energetic and extrodinarily happy (although it might of been rising hysteria as that was the tour fucked and they didn't know how they would get back to Brighton), the crowd danced and sang along (check Rodi and Potter duetting on Black Flag) and a jolly good time was had by all. They got coerced into playing about 3 encores of a few songs each time as well with guitarist taking vocal duties for a bit too. Amazing band, sadly now split up.

Abandon Ship - myspace
Trip home banter: discussing vegetarianism in hardcore and punk these days as opposed the 80s. Well when I say discuss it was more berating Potter for being a carnivore and that he should listen to more Conflict and that. Played a lot of Good Clean Fun as well with a lovely sing along in the car as we went through Perth...

Broken Oath, Black Channels, Sunset Squad - Balcony Dundee, 30/May/08

I'm sure another band played this but no photos. Possibly Inches From The Mainland.

So we'll start with Sunset Squad, this was the first time I'd actually seen them, I thought they rocked but the bass player had his bass practically up round his chin which was really off putting. Potter was drunk and entertaining, so there were hugs all round...

Sunset Squad - myspace

Black Channels are 3 parts Allergo and 2 parts Mesa Verde, both were/are shit hot bands. Black Channels were stunning. Manic screamo noise, singer Matt is like a mini tornado screaming round the room, climbing and jumping all over the place and the entire set was done in about 15-20 minutes and I was just left feeling slightly concussed by the impact of it all.

Black Channels - myspace

Last on were Broken Oath, metallic heavy hardcore from Glasgow. They were one man down as guitarist Steve had to stay late at school or something. I believe he's a teacher and not been held back a good few years...
They were crushing anyway with Lee non-stop moshing as she screamed her way through the set. F'n great.
Sadly Broken Oath are no more.

Broken Oath - myspace

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Justice, Common Cause, The Fight Back, and another lot - 13th Note, Glasgow, 18/Feb/07

One of the problems about waiting this long to sort out photos is you forget things, like the name of this band. As far as I know this was the only show they played...

The Fight Back were one of the best hardcore bands in Scotland, this was their second last show but last time I would see them as I couldn't make the last gig. There was certainly an air of tension within the band. Bob was pissed and Mark was pissed off. Didn't stop the crowd going ape for the sing alongs, Keano spent most of the set buried under folk grabbing for the mic.
Sorely miss this band.

The Fight Back - myspace

Common Cause were new to me and totally blew me away, straight up fast hardcore with chuggy mosh bits, lots of energy and short songs, cracking stuff.

Common Cause - myspace

Final band of the night was Justice, I'd heard a few songs by them a couple years earlier and heard good things about them so expectations were running high.
And they were shit.
They had obviously progressed as musicians, which is the hardcore punk term for turning to absolute pretentious cack.
The few old songs they played were good though.

Justice - myspace
check the song light in the dark on their myspace page for what they did sound like and then listen to the rest to see how wrong it went...